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LGBT rights today (a website to check out)


Sheila Putang 

The Queen who started it all over 2 years ago with her blog Gays Setting The Record Straight, talking about Gay Rights and issues that affected the LGBT Community. After a year, it turned into Sheilaputang.com, and with a start of not only one but two online Radio Shows, Gays Setting the Record Straight, and Rainbow Straight Talk. Even though Gays Setting The Record Straight was not a popular show format, Rainbow Straight Talk is growing into a once a week broad cast with over 300 listeners and growing. Going into her 3rd year with activisim, and entertaining with crazy tactics online the Haus of Putang is formed. Sheila is joined by her husband Link Putang, lesbian lover Penelope Putang, and 3 sisters Christa Hilfers- Putang, Megan Baby Putang, and the new addition Rosie Putang.