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My first book review on Amazon.com

This review is from: Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love, and Life (Kindle Edition)

I’m the mother of an FTM son and reading about Ryan’s childhood, while much different than own son’s, there were many similar themes that I found very interesting to read about. I recommend this to anyone interested in transgender issues, eating disorders, body image, family relationships, and the sorrow and joy of romantic relationships. He is honest and thorough in his description of his experiences with surgery, without being graphic (you’ll know what happens but if you want details of the surgical process, that would be a different book). This is more a memoir of a man overcoming tremendous inner turmoil and coming out finding his way to happiness. Ryan’s life story is an example of how much better life would be for our children if we LISTENED to them, trusted them to know who they really are, and truly showed them unconditional love. Many transgender people have more horrific family stories to tell. I liked reading Ryan’s story because it seems like his family is just the average family next door. I don’t want to give away his story but there will be transpeople who read this and think Ryan either had a much easier, or much harder, time than they had.
For anyone interested in transgender issues, this book is a must-have for your collection. From a PFLAG mom.

LGBTQ History Month: focus on Ryan Sallans

Ryan Sallans

Ryan Sallans gained internationally notoriety after his two appearances on Larry King Live!, protests by the Westboro Baptist Church, and an article inCloser magazine.

He became known as a mentor after his story was documented in Gender Rebel by the LOGO network.

As Ryan journeyed through his transition from female to male, he also became an LGBTQ activist.

Today he is an educator and consultant for professionals, health care providers, families and students, and mentors those seeking help in their transition

Ryan’s memoir, Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Nook and Kindle!
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New book of one man’s journey/Ryan Sallans

Book Description

April 2, 2012
Second Sonis a story that intimately explores the transition experience of Ryan Sallans, born Kimberly Ann Sallans. The reader is pulled through Ryan’s transition from infant to child, child to body-obsessed teenage girl, teenage girl to eating-disordered young woman, female to male, daughter to son, and finally a beloved partner to a cherished fiance’. A unique lens on life and love.

Ryan candidly shares his struggle to find love and acceptance; a struggle that transcends through every layer of society. He nearly died from an extreme case of anorexia as an insecure female college student. The only thing that saved him was his inner spirit begging for a chance to live.

Second Son chronicles Ryan’s battle with his family, his romantic partner, and his body. He unblinkingly focuses on the empowerment he achieved as he underwent gender reassignment surgeries and traces his evolution into manhood.

It took twenty-nine years for Ryan to find himself. The world is now ready for this intimate and honest autobiography that will educate and empower men and women around the globe. At a time when fighting to find oneself is popular, Ryan’s story will resonate with people everywhere who are journeying to find their own destinies, love, and life.
P.S. Ryan’s NOH8 photo:
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