Transcripts from a live chat with transactivist Aidan Key

Text from Live Chat with Aidan Key from last Wednesday. There are some typos in the transcript but you easily can figure it out.

some excerpts:

Comment From Dennis As far as young adults (I am 22) what would your advice be on going through the change? Should I stay at my job? I’m starting the male to female transition soon and am curious on your insights on young adults as fa as work and college?
1:13Aidan, Gender Specialist: It varies based on the individual, their particular set of circumstances, their temperament and the community around them.
1:13Aidan, Gender Specialist: For example, I transitioned at my work place and told everyone what I was doing and why I was doing it on an individual basis so they would have time to ask questions. 
1:13Aidan, Gender Specialist: It worked really well.

1:14Aidan, Gender Specialist: People like and enjoy feeling included, and have told me that they were honored that I shared that with them.

Comment From Guest Why do you think children are transitioning younger? Are there more trans kids out there or is society just more accepting of it?
1:38 Aidan, Gender Specialist: I believe that media profiling of the issues, as well as greater internet visibility has actually increased the level of acceptance for these kids. It has also helped parents actually support their kids gender expression rather than try to stifle it from them.
1:39Comment From Bill How the heck did you grow [t]hat beard? I’m jealous.
1:39Aidan, Gender Specialist: Testosterone-y, the San Francisco treat. :)
1:40Comment From Guest Are there any books that you would recommend parents and/or teachers read in order to educate themselves about transgender issues?
1:40Aidan, Gender Specialist: The Transgender Child is a great book and is suitable for families, providers, teachers, etc…
1:41Comment From guest Have you experienced any negative side effects from T?
1:41Aidan, Gender Specialist: Back hair.
Source: seattletimes.nwsource.com
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