Meet Lynn Conway

Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Inventor, Research Manager, Engineering Educator. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Emerita, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  (And btw, a transgender woman). She has more info on her website than I could even describe. And she has it translated into so MANY different languages! I couldn’t decide on what to focus from her life story and list of resources. I will therefore point you to her site and let you explore. She has things about both TransMen and TransWomen, pre-transition, transition, and life adjustment throughout transition (including adjustment to College). 

In her own words:

My goal for this website is to illuminate and normalize the issues of gender identity and the processes of gender transition. This project began in the year 2000, as I struggled to “come out” about my past to my research colleagues. I wanted to tell in my own words the story of my gender transition from male to female three decades earlier, in 1968, and then of being outed 31 years later in 1999, while living quietly and successfully in “stealth mode”.
Since beginning work on this website, I’ve come into contact with ever growing numbers of people concerned with gender issues. I’ve interacted via e-mail and in personal meetings with large numbers of people who are transitioning or who have transitioned. Given the still-remaining social invisibility, ignorance and superstitions about gender conditions, I’ve felt a strong need to provide whatever information, encouragement and hope that I can to help others who are struggling with these issues.
As a result of my contacts with thousands of TG/TS/IS people over the past few years, this website has evolved into a major informational and support site for transgender and transsexual people. The site now reflects years of field work and empirical research, and intensive efforts at framing and writing up the resulting observations regarding this previously almost invisible, highly stigmatized minority about which many superstitions still prevail.
This work has been conducted in the style of an investigative journalist who herself is embedded in the “war zone” she is covering. These investigations, carried out in an arena swirling with new shifts in existing paradigms of thought, have been continually shaped and guided by very close interactions with hundreds of people who are themselves very experienced in these issues. Many of these individuals have shared in the creation of this website, by contributing valuable observations and practical information about gender transition, and by sharing keen insights and wisdom that they’ve gained from their own personal experiences.
The website is informal in structure, and is still rapidly evolving as new ideas and information become available. I begin by first telling my own story, as best I can. That story, of someone who underwent gender transition earlier in life, illustrates that such transitions can turn out rather well in the long term. The story also provides personal vignettes relevant to the gender identity sections of this website. 
The website then presents an array of informational webpages and constantly updated reference links concerning gender identity and gender transition, in an effort to help others who may undergo such transitions. The site also links to webpages containing photos and stories of over 200 other people who’ve undergone complete gender transitions (both MtF and FtM). These many additional true-life “success stories” can provide encouragement, hope and role models for others, especially for the many young transgender and transsexual people who often feel so much fear and desperation about their futures. Experienced-based knowledge and real-world role models can go a long way towards easing the fears of these young people, helping them more confidently confront the challenges ahead of them, and illuminating pathways they can follow to build a full and joyful life.  I always welcome new ideas and practical information about these issues, as well as critical feedback about this website. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at the address below if you have any ideas you’d like to share. Increasingly we transgender and transsexual women are speaking for ourselves, instead of fearfully hanging back while the old-time psychiatric establishment (Paul McHugh), sex-obsessed “sex researchers”* (J. Michael BaileyRay Blanchard), talk-show comics, tabloid media and various conservative religions spread awful misinformation about us.
By openly sharing our stories and life-experiences, we can help build a more realistic knowledge of and genuine wisdom about transgender issues. We can also help society see us as the human beings we truly are. In the process we can enable more and more people to live fuller and happier lives in an increasingly inclusive, harmonious society.


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Look here for the complete site. 

Source: ai.eecs.umich.edu
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