My tattoo, need your opinion.

OKAY- thank you for your input! I really appreciate hearing your views!! I have decided to leave it alone, let it remain simple and allow me to explain it to people. I know my son and almost-daughter-in-law will be happy- but they know I still want another tattoo!
When you glance at my tattoo in my picture, do you think "oh the PFLAG logo" or do you just wonder what it is? I've had it for about 3 years and I don't think ANYONE has EVER known what it was. Even when they are familiar with PFLAG. Not sure I should care as *I* know what it means. BUT... I was considering adding the letters (small) PFLAG under it or else the word ALLY (again, small print). I'm asking my Tumblr people because you might be more honest than people who know me in person - like my family who say NO MORE TATTOOS (I only have the one). To me it is a permanent & outward sign of my commitment to both PFLAG and the whole queer community - and to honor my son. But if NOBODY knows what it is... Thoughts?
  1. leadmeouttothefloor said: I know what it is, and I think it’s sort of good that people might not. They’ll actually ask you and you can explain
  2. jivetalkinmama said: I was former president of our local chapter so I know. :) My husband & I got matching pride ribbons that say ‘friend, mom/dad, ally’. I think Ally is a nice touch.
  3. lookingforwonderful said: I think you should keep it as it is!
  4. soffasupport said: I think if you are going to add words, I’d go with @young-rayfay’s idea. Ally… but I don’t think it’s needed.
  5. nulla-e-reale said: I think adding a small pflag underneath would be good, I figured what it meant when I saw it because of the triangle but I think those less related to the lgbt community or those completely outside it wouldn’t know. Small tho, I like it’s aesthetic<3
  6. femeiapoet said: I would tattoo ALLY. But small, so your family doesn’t get man
  7. transcendgenderism said: I honestly never knew that it was the PFLAG logo, but then again I just never knew what PFLAG’s logo was. I always saw a heart intertwined with a triangle and thought it was cool.
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