Apr 16

Anonymous asked: my mum is yelling at me over wearing the male cap and gown at (high school) graduation and saying she doesnt want to be a part of my future etc., "wear the girl one for your grandmother's sake", "i'm not going to graduation if you do this" and such, and i'm not going to give in... do you have any advice please i'm sorry to bother you

Well…I can only tell you what *I* would do or suggest that my own son to do- wear the cap/gown that you want to, go to graduation and hold your head high. If they miss it, it is THEIR loss. I know you’d be sad if your family didn’t show up but you would know you’re being true to yourself and they would end up regretting not sharing  your big day. (no bother, congratulations btw) 

Anonymous asked: I told my parents that i'm gay this year and while they didn't seem angry about it at all, there was a horribly long and awkward silence for a while and they seemed very shocked. Since then I've noticed that whenever me or my brother (who's also gay) bring up anything LGBT-related they're silent or try to change the subject. While I'm glad they aren't angry or upset I wish I could talk to them about things that affect me because of my sexuality without the uncomfortable silence. any advice?

They are hoping you’ll forget about it or it will just go away. Or, they don’t have any idea of how to support you or what to say or do. Either way- PFLAG could help. If you think you could get them to a meeting, go  to PFLAG.org to look for meetings in your area. If not, you can read and download tons of support information. As hard as this way is, NOT talking about it yet may be better than saying something they will regret later. It sounds to me as if you’ve given them enough time and it may be time for them to seek outside help. 

Hang in there.

Jelly Belly Chairman Donates $5k to Turn Back The Rights of Trans Students In California / Queerty -

selling them jelly beans with one hand and taking away their rights and dignity with the other.

Apr 11

ISSUU - The Trans 100 2014 (U.S) by Joey Grant

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Apr 07

Hundreds of Angry Residents Chase Westboro Baptist Church the Hell Out of MOore, Oklahoma - Tim and Jeff in the Morning -

Imagine 1000s of people walking toward you. I love it.

Apr 06

Mom Announces Her Son Is Transgender In The Best Way -

So much family awesomeness! Love Love Love!

Apr 04

Honey Maid ad responds to homophobia with love. -


Apr 02

ndty95 asked: To the anon who is out everywhere but to their parents: I myself have a similar situation, though my parents were/are not abusive. I am out to literally everyone but my parents and a few relatives. You have no obligation to your parents. None. No matter what anyone tries to tell you. I'm lucky in that no one seems to judge my situation or pressure me like you seem to be experiencing, but my heart goes out to you all the same!


Anonymous asked: My family is Mormon. I was raised in the Mormon church and I am finally accepting that I'm a lesbian. I don't know if I will be able to come out to my family and tell them. My cousin knows, and she's not judgmental at all. I'm afraid when I come out my family isn't going to talk to me anymore. And it makes me sad. What should I do?? Should I wait until leaving for college in the fall or until after I'm able to support myself better?

I know so many LGBT mormons- so many excommunicated mormons - and some gay mormon activists.

Hang onto your cousin, I’m happy to hear you have some family you know you can count on. 

I can’t tell you what your family will do. My hope is they will love as they love you now - and - that they won’t try to change you.

Waiting until college. If you do that, be prepared for them to blame college for turning you gay. Before you come out though, make sure you can support yourself through college. That could mean scholarships, grants, loans, etc. Don’t give up college and the promise of being able to support yourself plus having a career that makes you happy. 

Look up “mormon and gay” and you’ll find support groups out there.