Sep 20

Long awaited book from Jazz

Children's book shares transgender story with kids ages 4-8 - Parents - TODAY.com -

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it to families with trans loved ones and friends. A must for educators working with young children.
Thank you Jazz, for opening up your private life to enlighten a generation.

Sep 18

illputyourpoisoninmyveins said: where did you get your yaygay rainbow shirt

It was a gift from Tumblr! Isn’t it great? If they don’t sell them…they SHOULD!

Sep 11

msformel said: What can teachers do to help students whose families do not accept them?

Thank you for your question. Teachers and counselors are a vital part of a young person’s support system. Sometimes, as you point out, this runs counter to the parents’ role. In general, we tend to think of these as issues parents should be responsible for but, sadly, they sometimes drop the ball. In those cases, a supportive teacher could mean the difference between life and death for our LGBTQ children. 

Make your office/classroom a safe place - a safe haven - for the student. Sometimes they just need a supportive adult to listen to them. 

Gather resource for  yourself, the student, and their parents. PFLAG is the best place to start. This page has very helpful booklets that can be downloaded for free. (I will create a separate post with more details about PFLAG resources).

GLSEN has a whole section dedicated to helping educators like you. Check out their Educator Resources. GLSEN can also give you and your students information about starting (or strengthening) a GSA. 

I hope this helps. 

Some sound advice for bi women in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand them.

— bisexual-community

Sep 07

Kristin Beck CNN documentary transgender Navy SEAL | UTSanDiego.com -

Very well done- it hurt to hear her mis-gendered by so many people.

Sep 03

Help me share! -


Here’s a list of some big names we will have at the Southern Comfort Family Conference this year:

Leslie Lagerstrom, writer

Dr. Jamison Green, Ph.D.
President of WPATH

Dr. Johanna Olson, Pediatrician for gender variant children at Children’s…

Aug 27


Aug 01

Thank you Tumblr!! I’ll be wearing the Aug 2 at Lafayette (IN) Pride!

Thank you Tumblr!! I’ll be wearing the Aug 2 at Lafayette (IN) Pride!

Jul 23

Survey: Is it time for Missouri to make same-sex marriage legal? - St. Louis Business Journal -

Take a second and vote your opinion on marriage equality in Missouri!